Tropacocaine Scam (Professor.NL)

Wikipedia has a page listing hundreds of Cocaine analogues. These analogues all share a specific property: They suck.

Think about it: If any synthetic Cocaine analogues e would even be close to the original plant-based Queen of drugs, why would they grow the plants in Columbia and ship them to Europe? If there was anything alike, they would, of course, manufacture synthetic Cocaine analogues directly in Europe.

Still, forums are full of discussions on which NPS Research Chemical would be the closest to Cocaine. This is shilling, promoting/advertising shitty NPS, of course. If you think these Reddit etc. discussions were nothing but advertising to boost sales of NPS, then you finally understand.

Shady vendors like were recently surprised by taking the bun when offering Tropacocaine, an inactive Tropane, aka a synthetic Cocaine analogue. It sounds like Cocaine, and it is a white powder, but a waste of money.


Especially vendors who would nonstop be praising themselves for their quality products seem likely to screw customers by, e.g., selling inactive substances like Tropocaeine. 50 Euros for 2 grams, not the slightest sign of it being a psychoactive substance. Fuck you, Professor.

An example for self-praising

How do you check the quality of your products?
Our complete range is developed and produced by recognized and certified laboratories. We stand for quality for all our products and avoid Chinese import and b-choice chemicals. We also offer a warranty on our complete range! We also have all our goods analyzed in order to check our suppliers.


Cocolino is an Eastern European thing. It’s some kind of blend. The effects are underwhelming but still noticeable. Cherry Cocolino has a memorable smell and taste. It was a tad more expensive, but I liked it.

The kids were cool, friendly, and relaxed.

Professor NL is a greedy worm.

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The Kills (live at Arte Concert Festival 2023) opening with “Wasterpiece” their current single in 2023. Super cool and friendly band!

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